What is the Punishment for Online Gambling in India?

Online gambling has always been an intriguing topic in India. There has always been a notion among so many Indian Players that might get them into trouble. Due to the complicated inter-state law for online gambling, many have wondered whether there is any punishment for online gambling in India.

By the year 2018, India’s revenue of the online gambling market was 44 billion rupees and is estimated to go up to 24 billion rupees with significant market growth. The affordable internet and fast access to online gambling sites have been a major factor for such fast-paced growth of the online gambling market.

The trend of online gambling is expanding exponentially. Many Indian gamblers are interested in online Betting, but the most common question asked when it comes to online Betting is what the penalty of online gambling is?

The complicated and unraveling jurisdiction for online gambling rules of India has worked in favor of Indian Players. So if you’re wondering, can I get in trouble for online gambling? Then the answer is absolutely no! Read along and know why.

About Online Gambling

Online Betting offers you all the benefits of gambling virtually via online casino sites and mobile applications. The best part about online gambling is that the players have the power to play whenever they want.

Online gambling in India has taken a new turn; how many Indian players are coming forward to explore the whole new online betting world. Many players have also wondered about the possible punishments for online gambling in India, especially if the online is from overseas.

The simplistic approach of the online gambling site has been a proven boon because now players can make money online while enjoying. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know classic casino games; the online gambling world offers thousands of theme-based, storyteller casino games that might keep you in awe!

Another big advantage of online gambling is that you can play fast and anonymously. When you can play thousands of casino games while sitting on your couch, there is no need to travel to a casino, switch on your device, and start playing.

Many land casinos in India have a strict restriction on the maximum best size that prohibits them from placing bigger and better bets. In contrast, online casinos offer way more maximum bet sizes. With more bet size comes the risk of more risk and more loss ratio. This amazing factor makes many players wonder, what is the penalty for online gambling?

Is online gambling legal in India?

The online gambling laws in India are state-dependent which means that the Constitution of India has provided states to make their online gambling laws. Hence there is no specific punishment for online gambling.

online gambling is legal in india

The “Public Gambling Act 1867” was introduced way before the Constitution of India got promoted, and the Public Gambling Act states that any gambling whose winning or losing ratio depends on luck is prohibited in India.

Since the internet and online gambling came into existence decades after the Public Gambling Act, there was no regulation and punishment for online gambling.

Many states conclude their self-made enactment to regulate online gambling. As per the Sikkim Act 2009, licensed casinos are allowed to operate, and players gambling on licensed casinos do not have to face any punishment for online gambling.

The highly controversial enactment, Telangana Amendment Act, prohibits all sorts of land and online gambling activities, including skillset games. The Telangana Amendment Act is still facing lots of criticism in the Hyderabad High Court.

Even though many states have strict punishment for online gambling, other states have accepted the regulations of the Public Gambling Act for Upi Casinos and betting sites.

There is no such punishment for online gambling in India because there is no objective test provided by the Government that decides whether a betting game involves a skill set or not. Hence, the states that strictly prohibit even “skillset games,” online gambling can be punishable there. But catch here is not all states have prohibited online gambling sites and hence do not have any decisive criteria to figure out if a person is gambling online.

Online casinos in India

We know that with all the different state laws has been quite bewildering to understand, there is no punishment for online gambling sites that the State’s local authority has licensed.

Many online casinos provide Indian Players with a huge range of casino games, betting arenas, and sportsbooks. Dream11 is the most interactive and interesting app available online; it offers fantasy betting to Indian Players. Cricket is one of the loved sports in India, has always promoted Dream11 in almost every league. It also offers Indian bettors to bet on any sports being played around the world.

Rummy, being the most controversial casino in India, has an amazing fanbase. Many states are still debating whether to include Rummy into a skillset game category.

Many online casinos offer a huge collection of betting games and thousands of variations of each game. Players will be amazed by the quality of graphics and the instant payouts and do not punish online gambling. ,

Indian Players can experience the ultimate thrill of gambling on classic table games like Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, and Poker in the live casino sessions offered by many online casinos. These live casinos a fully interactive

Some popular casinos like Betway, Royal Panda, 22 Bet, Europa, Spin Casino, JackpotCity, LeoVegas, 10 Cric, Casino days, and Casumo offer their players amazing welcome bonus, loyalty points, and secure payment methods. Many of these online casinos offer UPI, Paytm, and net banking options regularly used by the Indian Players and are the most trusted payment methods in India.

Is online gambling punishable in India?

Many states in India appreciate the expansion of online gambling because having a maximum number of citizens participating in online gambling is somehow helping the State’s economy in terms of income tax revenue.

punishment for online gambling in India

Punishment for online gambling is not yet clearly jotted down by the Government of India. Prohibited gambling in India is considered a game of chance; the games that require the player’s skills are not punishable.

So, what is the penalty for online gambling? There are low chances that gamblers get to face punishment for online gambling because most of these gambling sites have a collection of games that require the player’s skills in many aspects.

Even the state governments realize that online gambling can improve the country’s exposure, so many gambling operators are expanding their brand throughout the world. Why? Because more exposure means more bettors will get to know about online casinos and hence participate in its games collection. Game operators licensed from India and are operating worldwide are coming home with huge income tax revenue, which is beneficial for the State’s economy.

Finally, these state laws are much suited for land gambling houses as the casino games available on the land casinos are limited. Hence, State laws can be properly enacted on the land casinos. But when it comes to online gambling, the laws of the State need much more specification.

Is online gambling secure?

Many online gambling sites offer Indian players to play anonymously under a username. Also, the security of user data and credential is their utmost priority. Payment gateways available on these sites an SSL Encrypted and are not easy to get forged.

Indian Players who are super cautious of their banking details can take a sigh of relief, as online casinos offer Indian net banking option. UPI, one of the most used Indian payment modes, is also being promoted in various betting sites as an easy, fast, and trustworthy payment mode.

Online gambling sites operating under Indian license are answerable to State local Regulation Authority if there is any dispute or fraudulent activity. Players can expect an answer from the online casinos licensed in India, while other offshore casinos are not answerable to the Indian Government.

If you are asking yourself, can I get in trouble for online gambling? Then we want to clear that there is no punishment for online gambling, and hence you are not in trouble in any aspect. The only way online gambling can be troublesome is when you get addicted to Betting.

Summing Up

Unless lawmakers in India decide to formulate an objective test to decide whether a casino game involves a skillset or a game of chance, there will be no such punishment for online gambling.

The online betting industry has evolved to such an extent that almost every game is manufactured to attract you. Every game requires players skills like strategic thinking, decision making, memory, etc.

If you are still questioning the punishment of online gambling, try reasoning to yourself that the casino games you are playing are using your skillset and find out which one. The majority of online casinos are focusing on the Indian players, and hence their rules and games are strategically planned as per the Indian online gambling scenario.

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