Best Google Pay Casinos & Betting Sites in India of 2022

Gambling has been around for ages and numerous nations have been highly engaged in this form of entertainment since the very beginning. Starting from small bets all the way to some large stakes, it can be impossible to resist the adrenaline rush that gambling at Google Pay casinos brings to the table. This risk-taking adventure has been on the radar of many, including Indians.

Contemporary technological developments have made this even easier. Betting is now available online and made approachable for everybody willing to participate. As Indians are on the top in the world of gambling, it would be ludicrous not to use this opportunity and enjoy visiting casinos from the comfort of their own homes. In 2024, you can use your favorite deposit methods like GPay at online casinos.

Top Google Pay Casinos & Betting Sites in India of 2022

1. Lucky Niki

Lucky Niki is the Hottest Casino in town. Launched only a few months ago it offers the most amazing gaming experience.

250 Free Spins & ₹1Lakh Bonus

2. 10cric

10Cric casino accepts Gpay, UPI, Netbanking, and many more India Friendly payment methods.

150% Deposit Bonus & up to 200 free spins!

3. 22bet

22Bet is Big, Bold & Beautiful. India loves 22Bet a lot because o amazing offers and fast payouts.

Bonus of 100% up to ₹25,000

4. Casinodays

Casino Days is one of the most honest s in India. Their customer support is amazing as well.

Welcome bonus – 100 free spins!

5. Pure Casino

Pure Win offers Betting and Casino. They have an excellent amount of games and a simple interface.

100% Bonus – First deposit will be doubled up to ₹10,000

6. Casumo

Casumo is a well-known brand for an online casino that and many other easy deposit methods. Their withdrawal is super fast too.

Deposit ₹1000 and get ₹2000 as Bonus

7. Genesis

Genesis knows how to take care of their customers and players. You will love each and every minute you spend on Genesis casino.

Provides 100% bonus up to ₹30,000 on live casino games

8. Jeetplay

Jeetplay is a pure made-for-India casino with excellent games. They do not offer sports betting yet.

Get a 100% welcome bonus of up to ₹70,000 after joining this casino

9. Twin Casino

Twin Casino is a leader. With an excellent interface and amazing game collection, you will enjoy the whole experience here.

100% of Bonuses up to ₹40,000.

10. Parimatch

Parimatch is a very popular google pay betting site with over 50 sports including cricket, football, MMA, and more.

First two losses are on us!

Google Pay Casinos - Quick Facts

Total GPay Casinos 10
Minimum Deposit ₹500
Daily Deposit Limit ₹100,000
Bonus Offers 100% Bonus upto ₹30,000
Gambling License MGA, Curacao
Other UPI Payments Accepted

Why use Google Pay for Casinos & Betting?

Alongside online casinos, Google Pay betting reached its own success, simply due to its efficiency. Paying for things online without credit cards used to be a revolutionary idea a decade ago. Nowadays, it is so common that almost everybody is using this benefit. Cash has now become the last resort.

Understanding Google Pay

Before we talk more about Google pay casinos, we must understand what exactly is Google Pay? This is a simple way to make payments as one can easily transfer funds to their Google Pay account and use it as desired. Clearly, this is not only meant to be used in online casinos but on all occasions to make a virtual purchase of actual goods.

understanding google pay for online casinos

This is very similar to apps such as PayPal that enable online transactions by linking your bank account to your PayPal account. However, PayPal differs from Google Pay in various ways, and GPay is fairly new. These types of payments are generally called e-wallets, as they store your funds in a virtual environment. These forms took place to assist users’ needs, and to facilitate online money spending.

The reasons why Google Pay is the best option for online betting are:

  1. It is easy to use with a simple user interface.
  2. It is quick, with no transaction costs.
  3. It provides safety and security.

Apart from making your life easier by making purchases with clicks and taps, GPay also allows you to track your activities and to constantly be informed regarding the flow of your funds.

Several online casinos accept GPay and all that needs to be done is to deposit the preferred amount of money, choose a casino, then pick Gpay as your option, and enjoy the amusement that lies ahead! A few clicks are all that it takes for you to access your favorite pastime with ease.

Google Pay Cricket Betting in India

When it comes to India, Google Pay is a perfectly legal and safe option for betting. It is equivalent to using a credit card for any kind of contactless payment, including casinos that accept Google Pay. This method often offers rewards for its users, such as sharing the information about GPay with other people and convincing them to use it.

The craze of cricket in India

India has had their own national cricket team for hundreds of years. Therefore, this sport is well received by the masses, which makes it commercial. This goes in favor of those who make a profit off of this, such as bookmakers and casinos. Even though it is the most popular sport in India, cricket is widespread and played all over the world. This fact gives it a platform and makes it available for betting in casinos, including those that are in a virtual form.

These gambling websites are generally connected to Cricket Bet India, which means that again, everything is only a few clicks away. Plenty of the sites will also give you the odds of your potential gain. However, you have to keep in mind that these are predictions based on previous results, that are not necessarily 100% true.

Types of matches you can bet on

Cricket betting via GPay in India is as simple as using this payment method for anything else, or any other form of gambling. When placing a bet, you can choose the amount you would like to invest, whether it be pre-live, or live betting.

types of matches you can bet on via google pay

Pre-live betting means that you place a bet before the match even starts, whereas live betting means that you can place bets as the game is played. Many recommend the second option as it is safer because you have higher chances of winning once you see what the actual odds are based on the most recent results, rather than those from the past.

There are three formats of cricket that you can bet on, and these are:

  1. Test Cricket – It is the oldest format that is played for five days, which automatically increases bettors’ chances of forming better tactics to bet on a game live. The spectators get to see how the game develops over a few days, which is when betting can be optimized because one can place bets as things as developing in front of them.
  2. One-day Cricket – This is a simple form whose duration can be concluded from the title itself. Betting predictions for these games are the ones that are most commonly available online.
  3. T20 Cricket – is the 2000’s version of cricket, which makes it the newest format, but none less popular, as it has been growing at a rapid pace in recent years.

Depending on your funding, you can place either small, symbolical amounts or large, significant amounts. This is completely up to personal preferences and possibilities.

Withdraw Betting Profits & Casino Winnings with GPay

Withdrawing your money through different forms of payment methods, such as credit cards, is as easy as depositing it. You simply open the Google Pay app, find your balance, and tap on ”cash out”. Everything that follows is self-explanatory and free of any difficulty.

withdraw at google pay casinos

How to withdraw using Gpay?

When it comes to betting, depending on your choice of payment method, your winnings will automatically be transferred to the billing information you had previously provided.

If you chose Gpay, you can find the segment on the casino website that holds the data of your balance or income and choose the amount you would like to withdraw. The process of withdrawal depends on the online casino, but the overall experience is fairly similar.

Every withdrawal has a minimum and maximum amount that you are allowed to pull to your billing address, in this case, your Google Pay account.

Google Wallet is a quick and efficient way to withdraw money, whether from casino websites to your Gpay or from your Gpay to the linked bank account. Opting for the least troublesome option to collect your betting winnings seems reasonable. Avoiding trouble is the reason most people choose google pay casinos.

Taxation of the withdrawn amount

What goes along with money withdrawal from Gpay casinos is the fact that online betting winnings are considered taxable income, therefore one has to keep in mind the legal regulations of their country when pulling money into their bank account. Gambling is not illegal in most places, but earnings that must be reported and taxed are also those from lotteries, casinos, or any other similar betting possibilities.

Google Pay Transaction Limits for Gambling 

Apart from being an incredibly trustworthy option, Google Pay has another benefit at betting sites in India, and that is that there are no transaction limits when it comes to online betting via Gpay. The only limit you may encounter is the one set by the casino, which is not affected by Google Pay. It is also incredibly convenient because this method is completely free, and it does charge any provision from its users.

However, while there is no gambling transaction limit, there are the general limits set by Gpay casinos that need to be respected. There is a minimum and maximum daily limit, as there is with all of the bank-related deals because this serves as a protection for banks to always have reserves available, and to make sure that their clients’ funds are well secured.

Google Pay vs PayTM for Online Gambling

The aforementioned payment method, or e-wallet, called Google Pay is rivaled by Paytm. Gpay is highly recommended and extremely safe with its own security layers, which protect your funds, especially from scams when gambling. However, Paytm is also very popular in India, and it is a platform with more than 100 million users.

gpay casinos vs paytm

The popularity of Paytm

The trustworthiness of Paytm can be based on the sole fact that online casinos started accepting it as a payment method a couple of years ago. Prior to that, it was mostly used to pay for regular bills, such as water or electricity. Its safety is guaranteed by its popularity.

A great number of users heavily rely on this platform because they offer security, and they protect your bank data from being compromised. Much like Google Pay, Paytm does not charge its users any fees and the deposits and withdrawals can be conducted instantly.

The rivalry between GPay and Paytm

As these two options are rivals, Google does not allow the Paytm app to exist on their Play Store. A huge controversy occurred between the two, as Google accused Paytm of violating their policies and promoting ‘gambling’. Paytm defended themselves by comparing Google Pay with their own app. Both apps are used for various purposes, one of those being betting online.

What is good about Paytm?

Despite the feud between the companies, both options are still very much legal, safe, and useful for gambling in online UPI based casinos. The amount of Indians that would agree with how convenient Paytm is goes to show that this app is highly recommended.

  1. It does not take days to transfer your money, but it is rather quick and efficient.
  2. Payments can be done within seconds, which is quite attractive to those who prefer contactless payments.
  3. It is even more attractive to online gamblers because they do not have the time to spare when it comes to placing certain bets.

What is bad about Paytm?

On some occasions of withdrawal, Paytm might take a small amount of money as a provision for their services. This does not happen all the time, but even when it does, the amounts are not significant and it is quite reasonable. The commission is a general occurrence and it happens with almost every withdrawal option. The amount of commission depends on the amount to be pulled out, as it is a small percentage of the overall sum.

Occasionally, gambling can take place quickly, change its pace, and there is also live gambling, which is when Paytm and Google Pay come in handy because the payments are made immediately without the possibility of missing out on a bet owing to transaction processing time.

Now you know that both of these UPI Casinos are a decent option, and you just have to choose the one which suits you the most.

How to create a Google Pay Account?

Playing at Google pay casinos requires a Google Pay account. Duh!! Right? Creating a Google Pay account is simpler than you could ever imagine. You are only required to own an Android (5.0 or higher), and you can download the app on Google Play Store. If you are not certain of whether your mobile is a 5.0 version, you can easily check this in your settings when you click on ‘system’.

Once you have done this, you follow the instructions to set it up properly. Of course, your country has to be on the list of countries allowed to use this feature, and India is among those. You should also choose your preferred language in the beginning.

  1. The first step when setting up Google Pay is to add your bank account, or a credit card in order to link them with the app.
  2. Furthermore, you need to set up a password or a PIN, which only you can use to access your e-wallet. All of this is completely safe, and users are successfully protected from any sort of information/data breach.
  3. Once you have entered your personal information (generally identity and bank details), you have to wait for a small-time period to get your account verified.
  4. As soon as that is finished, your Gpay is ready for use!

If you are confused between similar apps, you can select Google Pay as your default option without a second thought. All you need to do is to look for casinos that accept google pay and place the right bids.


Which Casino sites accept Google Pay?

As Google Pay became one of the leading payment methods, numerous Casinos have opted to put it on the list of safe options for users. Some of the s include betway, Cric10, and others.

However, the array of casinos that accept Gpay is constantly growing. Even though not every online gambling site approves of this possibility, chances are that soon enough most of the casinos will allow Gpay as an option.

Which Cricket betting sites accept Google Pay?

As stated above, Cricket betting is quite widespread in India, and plenty of bettors choose s. Therefore, to fulfill their clients' desires, various Cricket betting sites do , some of them being Cric10, Casumo, Comeon, and others.

There are still some sites that are enclosed for this novelty as they still rely on the older methods. However, they are coming around and contemplating using this option as well.

Is it Legal to use Gpay for betting and casinos?

Gpay is like every other e-wallet, and using it for any form of purchase is fine, as long as the product/business itself is legally regulated. Depending on the country you are in, the legality of gambling is determined. Therefore, Google pay betting is perfectly legal, as long as it is regulated by your country's law.

Is my personal info safe when using Google Pay?

Google Pay is a highly trustworthy option of payment because it secures your data, and never stores your bank account information on your phone. It has specific and safe servers used to keep that confidential data hidden.

Apart from that, Google encrypts all the data you provide to make sure there is no breach of confidentiality. This means that it is absolutely safe to use s.

How much can I deposit via Google Pay daily?

When it comes to depositing money to s, it is a little different than withdrawals. GPay sets a limit for depositing to $100 per transaction unless you type in your password, which further gives you the ability to deposit $1,200 a day. Also, when transferring the money via GPay, one should be aware that there is a set limit.

What are some alternatives to Paytm at online casinos?

Even though Paytm is very popular in India for valid reasons, not everybody chooses it as their favorite option in online casinos. Some of the alternatives could be apps such as the frequently mentioned Google Pay, or Phonepe, even a British company that offers AstroPay credit cards. There are usually more options. However, it is up to the user to pick the safest and the most efficient one.